Whether hopping planes to the next Crankworx stop or posting up at Retallack Lodge, Micayla Gatto never stands still for long. Photo: Margus Riga

Micayla Gatto Moments of Progress

Micayla Gatto is a professional mountain biker.

She’s also a professional artist, professional broadcaster, professional traveler, professional online persona, and could legitimately be a professional musician. Some weeks she’s the face of Crankworx as their roving field reporter. Other days she’s simply crashing at my house between sponsor meetings and travel obligations. I’m lucky to call Micayla one of my closest friends, and even...

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Salmon Slayer Salad


  • 1 lb. cooked sockeye, or your favorite PNW salmon. Bake, cook, or grill—whatever’s clever. Cook until fully done, then chill. Shred that salmon!
  • 2 tbsp. Vegenaise—Better trail travel than mayo. Add more if salad feels dry.
  • 1 tbsp. lemon juice—Hand-squeezed (good training for DH arm pump).
  • 1 tbsp. fresh chopped parsley.
  • 2 tbsp. fresh chopped dill (because everything
  • ...
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While commercial brewing is a long way from a home-sized setup, the knowledge Frank Trosset gained from his home-brewing days has been vital to Aslan Brewing Co.’s success. Photo: Brandon Watts

A Living Beverage Frank Tosset's Hacks for Next-Level Home Brewing

It may seem a strange statement, but brewing beer is actually a type of farming—the livestock are just a lot smaller than a cow or chicken.

A single cell, to be specific.

Yeast, beer’s key ingredient, is a live organism, and just one of the many variables a brewer must master to make a quality beverage. Like raising any other farm animal, doing so requires knowledge, attention, skill and an inordinate amount of patience....

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Happy Trails Unholy Seeding and Bio-Superhighways

Humans have been creating trails since before recorded time.

Since before we were a species, even. Modern adventurers see them as paths for mountain biking, hiking, trail running, climbing, or canoe tripping, but old or new, our endeavors usually follow lines on the map previously tracked by our species. Yet in some places, these dirt conduits are still used for their age-old purposes of reaching water, finding food, or making...

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Be it on skis or in the saddle, Mark Abma isn’t afraid to put in early mornings, long days, and hefty mileage, such as this big ride in the Chilcotins. Photo: Tom Richards

Backyard Oasis Hand-Built Hydrotherapy with Mark Abma

The trail winds right next to the squat structure, seemingly built out of a large stump with a grass roof and a slightly rounded door.

Teal water flows from the base into a deep stone pool, before pouring down into two similar basins below. The scene seems pulled from a J. R. R. Tolkien novel—until a blonde, blue-eyed Canadian emerges from the hut to plunge neck-deep into the upper pool’s icy waters.

This is no hobbit hole,...

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A Simple Standard Easy-Drinking Garage Coffee with Spacewolf Ignition Solutions

Nathan Hoch’s garage is something to which any mountain biker can aspire.

A quiver of high-end trail rigs, dirt jumpers and gravel-grinders sit by the door, ready to be wheeled out onto Bellingham’s trails at a moment’s notice. A full work bench occupies the opposite wall, below a shelf of helmets and a cupboard holding number plates from Nate’s racing days.

But it’s the shiny silver and matte-black coffee roaster, tucked back...

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Mexican cantina meets Star Wars. The wall art at Mags 99 has come a long way since the original, solo fish poster, but the chicken has always been delicious.

Chicken. Rules. Everything. Open for Everybody at Mags 99

Spend a few days in Squamish, BC, and you’ll hear muttered references to “Old Squamish,” “New Squamish,” and probably the infamous “Don’t Meth Around” banner that used to hang above Cleveland Avenue.

The banner came down in 2002, and Squamish has begun to clean up its act in the years since, becoming an epicenter for climbers, hikers and mountain bikers. But something still separates the town from other such outdoor hotspots: the...

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Far from the X-ray machine, Mark Belles indulges in some signature craftmanship while welding a new creation in his garage-turned-workshop.

Beautiful Mistakes Mark Belles' Metallic Masterpieces

Mark Belles likes to joke that he meets all his mountain bike friends at work, a statement with more truth in it than his tone suggests.

As an X-ray technician at Bellingham’s PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center, mountain bikers are some of his regular patients. But even if you haven’t met Mark—or been to St. Joe’s—you’ve likely seen his non-medical handiworks. They’re made of steel, and they hang above the entrances to nearly 50...

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