“It takes one to know one,” as the saying goes, and as both dedicated mountain bikers and the producers of Freehub Magazine, we know our community well. Through this, we’ve come to realize there are few communities with as much energy as the Pacific Northwest, be it the athletes, advocates or companies who call it home. As a publisher, we’ve also come to realize that such a unique gathering of minds provides an opportunity for an equally unique publication: Craft MTB.

Craft MTB will be hyperfocused on personal stories from the mountain bike community surrounding the Northwest, pulling from the abundance of inspiring local characters who’ve put their lives, love and passion into our sport. Their motivation is to see mountain biking flourish—just like ours at Freehub.


Craft MTB will be representative of its name. Mountain biking is an international pursuit; one of the many things that makes it so wonderful. But even more so, it is deeply personal and vibrantly local, and highlighting this close-to-home content is how we cultivate the larger mountain bike culture. This is the purpose behind Craft MTB, a zine-style print publication and accompanying website aimed at showcasing our region through the eyes and words of those who live there.

At Freehub, we are lucky enough to be located in one of the sport’s most iconic and progressive bike communities, whose influence extends far beyond just the sport. It’s a place with as many stories as there are faces; trail builders and bike companies, yes, but also breweries, advocacy groups, bike shops, city governments, and the countless individuals who fuel it all. Through distribution to some of the most trafficked establishments and gathering places, Craft MTB will reach the entire spectrum of the Northwest mountain bike community—be it bike-specific, culturally relevant, or simply a town’s hottest watering hole.


Craft MTB will be a representation of the Northwest culture, and aim to support the people and businesses that help define it. While dedicated to the passionate mountain biker, the goal of the publication will be accessibility for all, and as such, our content will focus on reaching men and women of all ages and eras—anyone interested in bikes, beer, coffee, outdoor-oriented lifestyles and happy and healthy living. Craft MTB will be a FREE, printed zine, with two issues for 2018, ranging from 32-64 pages and distributed in May and August during peak bike season. It will be hand-delivered to more than 250 outdoor retailers extending from Seattle, WA to Pemberton, BC, including bike shops, breweries, coffee shops and bookstores. We want to inspire as many riders (or soon-to-be riders) as possible, and will print 10,000 copies every issue, reaching an estimated readership of 45,000.


We love to hear what you think, so please drop us a line! If you need any assistance with orders, address changes or simply to give us feedback, this is the spot.


The minds behind Craft MTB are the same dedicated individuals who brought you Freehub Magazine. We have nearly a decade of experience in the mountain-bike publishing business, providing timeless stories to the international mountain bike community, and with Craft MTB will bring that expertise to a dedicated, localized readership. Unlike Freehub, this publication will touch on subjects pertaining specifically to the Pacific Northwest, both directly and indirectly, and all relating in some way to the culture surrounding mountain biking. It will be a mix of local bike lore, art, music, beer, coffee and whatever else resonates with the people of mountain biking—the things that define the Northwest.


Mitchell Lee


We take pride in distributing our zine to locations that compliment our cultural approach. Whether it be coffee or bike shops, your favorite restaurants or watering hole, the listed locations below are currently filled with the latest version of Craft MTB. If you want to request being added to the distribution list, please just email us at:

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